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  Black Widow Cafe!!!

Well, I didn't get a lot of Halloween decoration up; But I did  get the dining room table set up for my Grandson.  

Let me show you around........
(Majority of the things used came from the Dollar Tree and things I had laying around the house.)

The menu for the Black Widow Cafe was created on Microsoft Word then stained with tea and the edges burned, placed in a Dollar Tree frame I bought sometime ago, which was spray painted black.
Here is a close up

Some of it can't be seen, here is what's on the menu:
Shrunken Skull soup
Zombie hearts with Wolverine blood glaze
Boiled spiders and roaches
Candied centipedes
Arsenic pumpkins with bats and skulls

Here is the table
(excuse the mess)
OH LOOK! We have two guest already!!!!

Here are the Arsenic pumpkins.

I used some faux sugared pumpkins, haphazardly painted them with brown craft paint, added plastic bats and skulls, glued to a black plate and added spanish moss. Very easy to do.

The shrunken skulls, spiders and roaches................

Next, I took some deviled egg trays (that I never used), painted two black, found an unused glass candle holder, put a little spanish moss in the bottom, added a spider, glued the candle holder to the center of one plate and glued the other on top of that. I then took some skulls and glued them in the area for the eggs, took some more plastic bugs and placed them in the center; the finished product.

Candied Centipedes.........

The candied centipedes are in another glass candle holder that I also painted black.

Zombie hearts with wolverine blood glaze..........

For the Zombie hearts. I purchased hearts from the Dollar Tree, placed them on a cheese and cracker tray that has been placed upside down on a big margarita glass. Under the glass is more spanish moss and spiders. Over the top, on the edges and on the runner I placed faux blood, also purchased at the Dollar tree. 

Would you care for some?

I also did something small in the kitchen...........

I took a metal tray, purchased from Kirklands, placed some spanish moss, two wine glasses, a bowl filled with eyeball ice cubes, some skulls, and a bottle that was spray painted black with a label purchased from Michaels last year. 
Care for a drink?

OH! Beware of Edgar the crow....he will peck you hand!!

Hopefully you enjoyed it. Thank you for visiting and come back soon!!!


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