Let me introduce myself...I'm  Tina,

  • Wife - married my high school sweetheart 35plus years ago; 23 yrs of our marriage was spent making a home wherever the Army sent us. Plus my wonderful DH is my builder of dreams...whatever I dream up or inspiration I find, he builds. 
  • Mom - 3 adult children (girl 34, boy 32, boy 31) + 1 son-in-law + 3 fur babies 
  • Grandma - boy 17 & boy 9 + 1 grand kitty 
  • DH & I are Army brats.
  • Owner/Creator - The MapleStone Home (est. 2011).

I'm a lover of...
  • books (I will read pretty much any genre and will normally finish a book in 3 to 5 days)
  • family treasures, vintage/ antique items
  • homes (whether they're old or new)
  • rearranging rooms + redecorating (thankfully the Army moving us fed this love)
  • music (my pandora playlists range from some country to classical to heavy metal to big band & opera)

MapleStone is our 14th home (est. 2009) but only the second one we've owned.

What to expect...
This blog is where I share all the happenings...from D.I.Y. to decorating with found items, family treasures & reusing what I have. There will also be recipes, life, books, randomness & some of my favorite things. 
  • There may be 2 to 6 posts a month, but don't hold me to it!
  • There are links for shopping our home, + things for the book lover & a few other things 
  • You can sign up for my newsletter, follow me on Pinterest and/or Instagram (ATTN: I'm not very consistent with posting on Instagram.....sometimes I forget)

Here's hoping this little corner of the blogging world inspires you to go from house living to home loving using what you have and what your budget allows.

I would be so pleased if you would stay awhile and have a look around.

Enjoy your day, 

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