Jun 24, 2013

Many of you that have followed me for awhile know that I DO NOT like cooking.
However, I LOVE kitchens.
Small  . . .
Big . . .
Medium . . .
It doesn't matter what size.
All white . . .
Dual Color . . .
Color . . .
Color matters to some degree!
Style matters more . . .
cold, sterile design I have a hard time with. 
Even with my huge lack of interest in cooking, when I do cook I want to feel comfortable, when I don't I still want to love and feel comfortable.
From my pin board I have chosen four kitchens.
Kitchens that would make me smile, want to stay in for some time,
give me the overwhelming desire to cook!!
Ok . . .
I may have stretched that statement just a tad!
But one can only hope . . .
I love the light that streams into this kitchen . . .
and those checkered floors . . . sigh . . .

Although this next picture is a butlers pantry, it is still, to me, part of a kitchen
Love the roosters on the curtain rod and of course the color . . .
OH be still my heart!
number three . . .
 . . . sigh . . . can't pin point one exact source that draws me in. Maybe it's the color of the cabinets or the vignettes BUT I want it :)
and last but not least . . .
. . . . another BIG sigh . . . Love the butcher block counters, I like granite too, but there is just something so timeless (at least to me) about butcher block. The tile backsplash and the cows head it just too CUTE!!
so, what do you think . . . 
could anyone of the kitchens inspire you to cook?
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Jun 14, 2013

I would love to spend the whole summer doing nothing  but . . .
(at least between the normal everyday to do's and the mounting projects)
But that is not something that will happen. However I do have a few books on my reading list.

I bought Dan Brown's
new book

the day it was released . . .

I have also pre-ordered
Stephen Kings new one

So, there are two books from my summer reading list.

Hopefully, between all the projects and other things I have going on I will find the time to stretch out on the hammock . . .
escape from reality . . .
if only for a short time . . .
enter the worlds of Dan Brown, Stephen King and others.


 **Stephen King has a new novel that will be released on September 24th**

***Due to lack of time I have decided to close down my other blog "The Reading Nook at No.14 Ivy Stone Lane".
All post from there have been transferred to this blog and all future book reviews, etc will be posted here***

Jun 9, 2013

I should be working on the mounting projects around the house
I decided that compiling a post of little facts about North Carolina would be . . .
well . . .

So here we go . . .


UNC at Chapel Hill is the oldest and first public University (in the u.s.)

Upper Whitewater Falls drops 411 feet.
Whitewater Falls are the highest falls east of the Rocky Mountains.
i have a picture of these falls but couldn't find it . . . it figures :o)


On March 7, 1914 Babe Ruth hit his first homerun in
Fayetteville, NC

Bath is North Carolina's first town, est. in 1705

St. Thomas Church (construction started,1734) in Bath, NC is the states oldest existing church.

Hiram Rhodes Revels was the first African-American to serve in the U.S. Senate (representing the state of Mississippi). However, he was born in Fayetteville, NC in 1827.

Virginia Dare was the first english child born in America. Her birth place was Roanoke, NC in 1587.

"The Lost Colony" was the first outdoor drama performed in America. It has been performed in Manteo, NC for 76years.

Jockey's Ridge in Nags Head, NC is the tallest (ranging in height from 80 to 100 feet) natural sand dune system  in the eastern U.S.

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse (completed in 1870) is the tallest (brick) lighthouse in the United States.
if you get a chance you should go see her, she is a beautiful site.

OK . . .
That will be the end of our short but interesting History facts about North Carolina.
Hope you enjoyed it.

I guess I will get back to the projects now . . . 


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