One Simple Way to Set & Achieve Goals

Can you believe that we are already 11 days into 2016? I can't! I am still trying to figure out where in the hell 2015 went. How many of you started the New Year off with a list of resolutions? Not me...
Many make resolutions and then feel so guilty when they cannot keep them. Do you know why? Well the definition explains why...

Resolution: (1) a firm decision to do or not to do something (synonyms-promise, commitment, plan, pledge)(2) the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter

So, when you look at the definition and the synonyms it makes it clear why so many feel bad when they fail. Which is a really rotten way to feel the rest of the year. So instead of making resolutions...

Why not set small goals?

I believe I mentioned this idea before (but I couldn't find it). Here is a goal that a friend does every year. She picks a vegetable that she doesn't like, she finds different recipes, and once a week she serves them. When she finds a recipe(s) she likes she incorporates them into her menu plan. She has been using this goal for 10 years now. She has incorporated about 3/4 of the vegetables she's tried into her diet.

I have actually tried this and it is a great way to introduce new food, or pretty much anything into your life. You could even use this to remove something from your life...

Example: Those people who want to cut down on the amount of soda they drink. You could set the goal of reducing your soda intake by replacing 1 soda a day with a glass of water. Once you are used to that; then you could up it to replacing 2 sodas a day.

Are you wondering if I have set any goals? So far only one...
I love to read.

I love that bookmark and it fits me so well!!
However for the past year I have read (blogs, news articles that lead to another article and so on), but not the books that I keep buying (35 unread books so far)!! So, my one goal as of now (you don't only have to set goals at the beginning of the year ya know!) is to read 1 hour every Sunday night before bed. Great small goal, huh?

a few in here have already been read, but there are still more that have not!

What about you? Does this technique of setting small goals seem like it would work for you?

Happy New Year!!

(p.s. part 2 coming soon)

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