Jun 26, 2017

With Independence Day right around the corner, I figured it would be a great time to post these cute little patriotic desserts
The ingredients are easy to find, plus they are simple and quick to make. Now who can pass that kind of dessert up?


prep time: cook time: total time:


  • strawberries
  • blueberries
  • raspberries (I couldn't find any descent looking raspberries at the store)
  • whipped topping
  • individual sponge cakes (store bought or homemade)
  • small glasses


How to cook SIMPLE PATRIOTIC DESSERT(in a cup)

  1. 1. Prepare blueberries by rinsing well. Once rinsed place in bowl with a dusting of sugar, set aside or refrigerate over night.
  2. 2. Rinse, hull and slice strawberries, place in bowl with a dusting of sugar, set aside or refrigerate overnight.
  3. 3. Place individual sponge cakes in the bottom of glass
  4. 4. Add a good size scoop of your favorite berry, including the juice. *I love the fact that these little desserts can be personalized for those that do not like blueberries, or are either allergic to or do not like strawberries.*
  5. 5. Add the whip cream then top with either red or blue berries to give it that patriotic feel and eat them up.
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How is that for quick, easy and personalized to each individuals taste.

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Jun 12, 2017

  In 2014 I posted my laundry area (actual it's a closet) reveal.
Although I liked it I soon became tired of the color and the fact that I was constantly putting things back in the baskets they belonged in.

For some reason the men in my house can place their tools back in the proper place . . .

BUT, putting the laundry detergent or whatever they used back in the labeled basket was an impossible task. Eventually I got tired of either reminding them where whatever they used went or putting it back myself.  As the months went by it soon became clear that this just wasn't going to work and I needed to go back to the drawing board.

Some inspiration:

I had decided that I wanted to use wallpaper and it was about this time that I won an $100 gift card from Wayfair (I'm receiving NO compensation from Wayfair for mentioning them in this post.).  After comparing different patterns and colors; I decided on this:

Aurora Regal Damask 3D Embossed Wallpaper

Just a few of the things I needed/wanted in there:
-a rod for hanging clothes
-a cabinet for storing everything from extra laundry detergent to light bulbs.
-a few shelves for decorative items
-a canister to hold laundry detergent for easy reach
-something to store paper towels and cleaning towels in
-place to hang ironing board,  broom, mop and the towel used to wipe our fur babies feet when it is rainy/muddy outside.

I knew I wanted to keep the laundry sign I made for the first redo.

This is such a hard area to photograph. . .but I just love the way it has turned out 😊

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                                                                                    TOTAL COST: $181.70

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Jun 5, 2017

Can you believe that it's already June?  I can't. Life has been so busy here the past two years that blogging was moved to the back burner; believe me it wasn't planned, but with home projects, busy schedules, and just life in general, blogging...well committing 100% and the lack of organization (blog wise) just wasn't my number one priority. You would be amazed at how many post I have that are only 50% finished, because some of our home projects are lacking quite a few during photos or I had to take care of something or run an errand and forgot to finish, this is where (I hope) the blogging/project planner will help me organize this mess I seem to have!

FWIW, I tried one of those all in, whole life planners. Yeah, that was just to much for me. I will stick to a big calendar on the fridge with lifes daily events, appointments, etc written on it works great for me. There are a few things that I have to write down and keep handy but not for the public at large to see, i.e. account numbers, passwords, bill payments, &  i don't need a place to write down my house cleaning schedule because I have been doing it the same way years. However this is when I realized why & how unorganized I was when it came to keeping up with my blog. So the hunt to put together the perfect (for me) blogging/project (because without the projects there are no blog post) planner.


This kind of struck a cord with me . . . I realized while putting this planner together, that before I had stopped blogging I had started to strive for (in my mind by comparison) the perfect blog. You know comparing the look, feel, etc to the more popular blogs, SMH. Odd feeling, because I have never compared any other aspect of my life to anybody else. Weird how things like that come about. 😕

Anyways . . .

I use a disc bound system, mainly because I bought one while trying out the all in one planner.

These aren't the same disc I bought, but they are all somewhat similar,  disc.

This whole punch...

These cover pages... 

I bought 2 packs of these dividers & some monthly stickers (no link)

These dashboards... still debating whether to use them or not

The whole binder is stored within this cover... the pockets in this cover is where I keep account numbers, passwords, bill pay checklist & a notepad for jotting down a quick note.

I use 24lb paper, picked-up at Wal-mart (no affiliation)

I use a paper cutter I already own and of course my own printer.The only exception is everything is printed off in grayscale. May seem rather boring, but many of the free printables come in all kinds of colors and I would rather have a uniform look than a hodge podge of color from one page to the next!

Here is the set-up of my planner with links provided for the printables:

As I mentioned above I tried an all in one planner for a while, after using different free printable pages I received an email notifying subscribers that Nina Hendrick of Nina Hendrick Design Co was offering her 2016-2017 Everyday Planner with the option to purchase the Blogger Edition + the Everyday Planner. After checking it out I liked what I saw, so I purchased The Blogger Edition + . I was extremely happy with the purchase even though I soon realized that an all in one planner just wasn't going to work for me. The whole thing is AWESOME! I love all the pages she offers. Check it out...

However, there were two pages that I wanted which was not offered in the package above....

*One was a page to keep my blog style information handy (i.e. font color, font, etc). I was keeping the information typed up on a page until I found one from Jenni Bost @ A Well Crafted Party

*The other was a master project page, for my project section of the planner. Nina Hendrick does offer project shopping list pages in her planner package. I found this one @ kossandra.jane.blogspot.com that works great for writing down all the projects I would like/need to do.

  • blog style sheet
  • yearly stat tracker
  • blog goals
  • blog post ideas
  • post planner (I'm in the process of finishing these and moving them to the monthly dividers)
  • series planner
  • + a number of other pages that Nina Hendrick offers which I'm not using at the moment but printed of 1 of each just in case.
  • monthly calendar
  • daily blog sharing tips
  • link party log
  • monthly stats (the info from here will be transferred to the yearly stat tracker at the end of each month)
  • post planner pages for posts scheduled for each month
  • master project list
  • project planner pages
  • project shopping list
  • a list of decor, colors, etc that I love
  • our home paint colors
  • folder with magazine pics articles that can be used as inspiration
There is my blog/project planner in a nutshell. So far it has worked out great for keeping track of our projects & helping me finish those posts that have been sitting there waiting; the true test will come now that I am back to posting (if only once a week). I'll give it about four months then I provide an update on how it's working.

Some pictures that may make you smile!!
Bella aka Bella Boo

 I have also bought a new camera, me . . . the person who will stand in the middle of the room trying to remember what I came in there for . . . bought a new camera!

YEP, one of those fancy schmancy ones!!

I have been having some fun while (still) learning how to use it. In fact, there are several up coming post that may have images taken with regular camera and the new one. Unfortunately the difference between the two may not be that noticeable.
All photos in this post were taken with the fancy camera.



OH!!! and take a look at  our newest addition . . .
Miss Shelby (aka Shelly belly)

Isn't she just precious?!

She is so funny! Bella and Sarge are really good with her, Bella is the disciplinarian, while Sarge plays with her constantly. Kodiak on the other hand is old, grumpy, and is NOT impressed with her at all. He avoids her as much as possible!😀

I hope this post inspired you to create your own blog/project planner or offered some information on adding to your existing planner. I also hope the above photos brightened your day a little.
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