Feb 6, 2018

Well hey there!
How's everyone been doing? Okay here, besides this darn sinus cold that I can't seem to shake. Actually I beginning to think that I'm allergic to winter! But here we are the first full week of February, and I still have this damn sinus cold.

Thankfully last month we had a few beautiful days here in my part of NC (I actually started feeling better), makes me want to open up the windows, air out the house and start spring cleaning, (but it didn't last long).  Do you get that urge when the weather starts to warm-up?

Have any of you visited the etsy shop DandelionsinDec? I'm in love with these earrings here - here and these bracelets here - here . I also found this shop, FeathersAndGrace . Did you see these floral earrings here , don't they just scream spring? She also has so much more, I'm having a hard time deciding which to buy!

The other day I was watching Melinda @ House 214 Design on instagram, she showed the cutest bottles for holding dish soap, etc on her stories, these here . Thankfully she also shared where she bought them, Everyday Occasions  . I really want the amber ones they have for the bathroom, and the clear ones for the kitchen. I just love the simplicity of them.

I've been contemplating making this wreath here, since I first saw it.

I tried this recipe about 6 months back; my family loved it and it's now a monthly meal.

Back before Christmas I ordered this candle from Oak Hill Farm

I love it, its not overpowering and it smells wonderful. It's about time for me to order another one.

Hey, while your here why not head over and check out my wreaths I made for my tobacco basket and the front door, here . I love them; with a simple change in bows I can decorate for the holidays without needing a huge amount of storage.

Enjoy your day,
Tina ♡

Feb 1, 2018

This post was originally posted on my old blog, 'www.maplestoneblog.com'. -----> I have a thing for wreaths. I have a few d.i.y. posts on wreaths. Most are burlap + a magnolia one.

But I have become tired of the burlap. Don't get me wrong, I still like the look, I just wanted something different.
Now the problem is, in an effort to reduce the amount of outside decor and holiday decor, I wanted wreaths that could be used year round. Since I love the look of boxwood, magnolia and the baby eucalyptus wreaths; but I only needed 2 (front door and another to hang inside my tobacco basket), I  decided to combine the looks.

First  is the eucalyptus and boxwood wreath

*baby eucalyptus wreath | HERE |
*Grapevine wreath (already had)
*Boxwood garland (already had)
*Floral wire
*Ribbon for bow

1. Attach boxwood garland to grapevine wreath securing with floral wire
2. Center eucalyptus wreath inside boxwood wreath and secure with floral wire.
3. Add bow with wire, so its easily changed out, and hang.

For the magnolia and boxwood wreath
*grapevine wreath
*boxwood garland
*magnolia wreath | HERE |
*floral wire

** Follow the steps above to assemble the wreath**

How easy and simple is that? Plus with just a simple change in bows, I can decorate for all the holidays + bows take up less room.

Thank you kindly for visiting,


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