Breakfast Nook to Home Office

Well, as some of you may have read on a earlier post; I have a big household, as a result I lost my office. Not to worry though I found a place to set up shop!!! YEAH!

And this piece started the whole process: (For those of you who haven't read about this click HERE

OK, a little more background information, so bear with me!

Back about four months ago, I took the table out of my breakfast area. The reason? Well, no one ate at the table, everyone used to hold all their junk, and I was tired of looking at it! I thought about making it a reading area, I moved in some comfy chairs and it just didn't work. Then I remembered this piece and the ideas started flowing!

DH and I refurbished it. I took one of the chairs out and brought in this piece. I DIDN'T like it! The whole area didn't work, it was the color (although I love it) the whole kitchen/breakfast area was to dark. So, I solved that problem, I grabbed my paint from the garage and repainted the entire area! (wall color: Dutch Boy-Golden Crust & Kilz Casual Colors- Red Fox)

Ready to see the finished project?

This area was unusable bar space. I really don't know what the builders were thinking when they did this, but I decided to put shelves in this area (about 4 months after we moved in). It is a perfect place for some of my books.

So, what do you think?

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