Christmas Around My House

Hello everyone!  Hope this finds everyone doing well?!

Unlike last year' where my Christmas spirit flew out the door . . .This year I have that holiday feeling . . .no I'm not going to sing..............I promise.

But something did change last year though and it has carried on to this year. 
You see last year when I was possessed by the GRINCH!! I went through all my decor and got rid of A LOT! 
Which is why my title has a Lil'Bit in it. You will also notice that only a few rooms in the house are decorated, the bedrooms and bath well I was not sure how I wanted to decorate, so rather than be miserable with what I put in there I chose not to decorate at all!

Our first look will be the decor for the front door. Unfortunately, the weather hasn't been all that great here so I moved it inside to take the picture.

Now once you're in the foyer, this is what you see . . .

the kissing ball hangs directly in the middle of the foyer!!

The plaid pillow cover was made out of a really big tablecloth that I found at the Christmas Tree Shoppe. I used it to make two other pillow covers and the rest of the tableclothe is in the dining room.

DH and I are slowly working on the kitchen so there is no decor in there yet. So on to the dining room.

Here is the rest of the tablecloth, hanging over the ladder DH made for me about a year ago.

The above wood basket is on the dining table.

Now we venture into the family room . . .

I was going to display my nativity in the birdcage, HOWEVER, I couldn't find it! So, I placed this little church and the tree in it.

Back 9 years ago, I ordered personalized stockings for everyone in the family....not really thinking that in the future we would have more members to the family! Unfortunately, I can't remember where I ordered them from! SO, the stockings don't match and I just don't have the time to make any. 

Sorry for the glare.....

Oh, Christmas Tree . . . 

Isn't this the CUTEST tree stand?!?
I bought this at the Christmas Tree Shoppe, also!! I LOVE IT!!

The tree topper this year is a sled surrounded by berries, and feathers.

I used burlap ribbon, that I knotted about every 12 inches...

and a twig/grapevine garland.
Some of you may remember the story behind the heart-shaped ornament (pictured above and close-up below) If you click the link below the following picture, the short story is tucked within the post...

Well, there you have it. My lil' bit of Christmas. 

Enjoy! Thank you for visiting, Tina


  1. Lovely Christmas decor. It is looking very festive in your your house....Christine

  2. Glad you got your Christmas spirit back. Your decorations are lovely! That tree stand is awesome! Thank you for sharing it at to What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great week!


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