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I'm so happy to welcome you to the MapleStone Home blog! This is where I, along with my wonderful DH Jeff (who's my builder of dreams...whatever I dream up or inspiration I find, he builds); share all the diy projects, crafts, hobbies, recipes, what I've read and happenings within our North Carolina home.

What I've Been Working On...

Over the past few months I have been working on several projects off and on. One of them was this buffet. PLEASE ignore the stuff on it.

Now this solid poplar wood buffet was bought second hand over 50 years ago by my parents. When my mother purchased a new dining room set; the buffet w/china hutch was moved into their garage for storage. That is where it remained until a few year after DH and I married. I asked my father if I could have it, minus the china hutch, and here it is.

When I first got it the middle section had 3 rather good size drawers and was stained maple. DH made an open hutch to sit on top. I lived with it for several years, then one day I decided it was time for a different look. So, the hutch was removed, the 3 drawers were removed and reconfigured to what it is now and molding was added. I then painted it white, lived with it for about a year, then painted it black. Since its adoption into our family it has been used for everything from a dresser, a make shift kitchen island and an entertainment center; not to mention being moved all over the country.

Now excuse me for a minute while I veer off course. If you notice above I mentioned that I had painted it white. YES, I used to have white shabby chic/country decor. I loved it.............until my kids started becoming more mobile. I spent most of my time washing dirty hand prints off; after about two months I gave up and that is when I started painting things black. They remained black until recently when I remembered how much I liked having a few white pieces of furniture. Which brings us to the present.

Once we moved it back down stairs, I decided to put it back in the dining room, paint it white and distress it.

Here is a peek at the vignette within the center opening: Both the teapots came from Taiwan, the little votive basket is from Kirklands and inside are a few pieces of the teak and brass eating utensils.

This little pedestal table was stained walnut, then the top was painted black and was used as a night stand in my grandsons room. When I redid his room I decided to paint it white, paint a harlequin design on the top and distress it. It is now in the corner in the dining room.
On one of our bi-weekly visits to the Exchange furniture store, I spotted this table. It was marked down from $400 to $227, because there was some damage. I fell in love with it; but we weren't in there for a table. Well, for the next 24 hours all I could talk about was that table. So when DH went to pick up the other recliner (the one purchased the day before) for the man cave, he bought the table for me and since we they know us DH got them to mark it down another 50%. Imagine my surprise when he told me.

I sanded it, stained the top Kona, painted the base white and distressed it just a tad.


In case you're wondering.................yes I did paint it right there in the dining room.

There you have it.

Enjoy your day,
♡ Tina ♡


  1. Tina you are getting so good at this furniture gig. Thanks for sharing with the newbie party.

  2. It looks great white!! So does the new table.

  3. That table is wonderful. I love how you brightened up your furniture some white paint - well done on the distressing too!

  4. I'm a big fan of the dark stain with the white on the bottom... such a great farmhouse chic look. Great job! I wanted to come say hi and thank you for your sweet comment at Burlap and Buttons. That table runner I have I found on Etsy! I love it too :) Anyway, I'm happy to be following along with you and hope to see you soon!

  5. Tina, your buffet is gorgeous! I love it in white too.

    Hope you have a great week,

  6. The projects are lovely...and I would have painted it right where it stood as well! White makes everything so much lighter and airy, but I liked that you kept the dark table top! xo wendy

  7. Amen! I am all about painting things in the dining room! You did a wonderful job on the table! I really like the dark top! Thanks for sharing.


  8. Oh my goodness, well done!!!xo p.s. leaving a comment from my other blog today

  9. Great job, and thanks for linking to cowgirl up. That was a lot of work, but you did a fab job.

  10. So pretty, Tina! I love every one of your pictures and the paint technique and result on your table it gorgeous! Great job!

  11. Tina, you did a great job painting it. I absolutely love your buffet!

  12. Hi Tina! Your furniture make-overs are wonderful. I LOVE white paint and have a little project of my own waiting - a bedside table I've been wanting to paint white on the bottom like your dining table. You've inspired me to tackle it sooner rather than later. Have a great week, hope you finish all those projects on your list for the week. Thanks for your lovely comment about my jewellery on Lovely & Beautiful.

  13. Tina woohoo your projects all turned out so great!! Isn't it fun!

    I hope you will come see my new Annie Sloan Projects revealed!
    Art by Karena

  14. looks very nice. I like the table you painted the legs white and distressed the best

    - KAT -

  15. Oh I love, love, love that Kona/white table. I can see why it was haunting you and how fabulous that hubby ended up surprising you with it and got such a deal. Woohooo. So glad you shared at our party this week.

  16. Wow, your table is beautiful. I can see why you couldn't quit talking about it...that hubby of your sounds like a keeper! :) Thanks for sharing at the Rock N Share.

  17. Stopping by from the Link It Up Thursday Party!

  18. Hey it's Cheri from Its So Very Cheri--stopping by from the Linky Party Hop. Thanks so much for joining in. I really enjoy getting to know new bloggers. I try to comment back to as many as I can because I really would love to sit around sipping on a lemonade and enjoying chatting in person.

    I hope you have a fabulous week.

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    Please share the Linky Party Hop on facebook to help spread the word.

    Cheri from Its So Very Cheri

  19. All of your furniture pieces are beautiful, but I especially love the design on the pedestal table!

    Thanks for linking to Simply Klassic!

  20. love love love both tables enjoy them

  21. Goodness -- you HAVE been busy! Isn't it great that as our tastes change -- so can our furniture with just a coat of paint?

  22. Tina,wow, you are doing great to paint right in the dining room. Beautiful everything...I'm loving both the Harlequin table and the dining table..not to mention that buffet. I really like the uniqueness of your choices. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a lovely comment. Helen

  23. I greatly appreciate all the info I've read here. I will spread the word about your blog to other people. Cheers.

  24. thank you for linking up to the Thursday hop. Sorry I'm behind in saying thank you. My recent post will explain my delay.Hope to see you again this Thursday. xo

  25. You have been busy! Great to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  26. Hi Tina!

    The white dining table is great. I can believe you painted it right there in the dining room... I know how heavy those big old tables are!

    Thanks for sharing at my party!

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party!

  27. you are inspiring me!

  28. Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!


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