Changing Furniture with Paint

Back about 15 or so years ago DH and my father made me a wonderful cabinet to display my mothers china. It has gone through several transition, the last one could be seen in my dining room.....molding added around the top, doors removed and painted black.

At one point, I was considering putting the doors back on; then I decided that the only way I would put the doors on was to change there appearance. I debated, asked for input and finally figured out what I wanted. However, I never moved forward with the doors. So, it sat in the dining room, as is....until

the man cave was finished and several pieces of furniture needed new homes. All the dishes were moved to the newly painted buffet and my cabinet found its way into the family room.

With the new home chosen and the fact that is was going to be used for books; the idea of putting the doors back on was nixed. It sat empty like this for several weeks.

Finally, I pulled out my white paint and went to work.

With the painting finished; I started loading my books (the books on the bottom shelf hold majority of our dvds), nick knacks, and mementos in. Now one thing I have always done with my hardback books is remove the jackets, it made them less busy. Although I like this look better it just wasn't the look I was going for. So, I some things, piled them in the corner and walked away until I could figure it out what I wanted.

While reading blogs one day I came across a look that I fell in love with. Where did I find it? At Courtney's blog French Country Cottage (click here to see her full post).

Although the cupboard is lovely..............It was the book display that struck a cord with me. My first reaction was OOOOHHHH! How lovely! My second reaction was....."Now why in the H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS did I not think of that!" Once I was finished ranting at how dingy I could be I set to work.

The only books I didn't turn around are the red ones in the top left shelf. The bucket in the middle holds some of my paperback books. The box (bottom right) holds diapers and wipes for when Jacs comes to visit. Once finished, I sat back, and admired it.I am just tickled pink with the way it turned out.

Thank you Courtney for the great idea.

Enjoy your day,
♡ Tina ♡


  1. Fabulous! Great arrangement and such an improvement!
    Blessings, Lorraine

  2. I love that soft style approach too - looks wonderful! The large container for your paper covered books is so fun, love that :)

  3. Hi Tina! Oh, your bookcase looks gorgeous! You did an excellent job and i love how you've dressed your shelves. The books look wonderful turned around but how do you decide which one to pull out if you want to look at it? :) Maybe these are 'just for looks pretty' books! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. I like it so much better in white.. and the reversed books are a work of genius. So very pretty now!

  5. Having one of those "duh" moments! Always thought it would be a pain to cover a lot of books, so this idea was brilliant. Love what you've done and it looks awesome.

  6. Fabulous job Tina. So fresh and fancy now. Thanks for sharing at the newbie party.

  7. Another "AHA" -- why didn't I think of that moment! It looks just beautiful-- you really have a way with arranging!

  8. Your bookcase looks beautiful painted the way you have it accessorized too! Just beautiful :o)

  9. Wonderful job Tina! Your bookcases look so great painted white and you styled them beautifully! Stopping by from Debbie's newbie party.

  10. Your cabinet makeover looks great...I like the white but I really like the book display! It looks very nice the way you've got it arranged! Thanks for sharing at the Rock N Share! I plan to share this on my FB page later today.

  11. Oh wow, what a fabulous idea. I also remove the dust covers from books to give them a more organic look but never thought of turning them around. It looks brilliant. Thanks for sharing at our party this week.

  12. Thanks for linking to cowgirl up. Great job on the books in the bookcase. I love Courtney's ideas too.

  13. wow - it looks super lovely now! How clever to display the books that way. Love it

  14. Tina, it is wonderful in white. Love your inspiration! I still have my books displayed backwards - just love that look! Thank you for sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  15. Beautiful! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  16. It was beautiful before, but it looks so serine in white! Thanks for sharing it with us at tip toe thru tuesday! Hope you'll stop by and link up tomorrow too, we will be having a nice Mother's Day giveaway!


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