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This past Saturday was the second day of the annual Dogwood Festival in Fayetteville, NC.

It was a rather cool day,
not cool enough to keep 
men, women and children away
from the 8th annual
from Fayetteville, NC to North Myrtle Beach, SC.

Yep you read that right
The cost
$50 for each initial entry and $30 for each additional passenger.
well worth it;
especially since 100% of the proceeds went to these three charities:

Shriners Children Hospital
The American Cancer Society
The Kids Magazine.
For a few days I didn't think I was going to go . . . 
I was getting a cold!!
But . . .
come Friday I thought what the hell
or not
I was going to go with DH and my middle son (Junior).

Our day started off at 730am with a ride from
our house to the
Airborne and Special Ops Museum.

On each side of the sidewalk they have beautiful red roses.

'Iron Mike'
"In Honor of Airborne Troopers whose courage, dedication and traditions make them the world's finest fighting soldiers"
is what the plaque reads

We registered, had some coffee and doughnuts that were provided, received some information, and at about 9am, we were ready to ride. Our destination Landry's Restaurant in North Myrtle Beach, SC>
I did have a short video, so you could see what it was like on a ride
I forgot to add my name to it
no video
HAHA I fixed it. You will get a glimpse of me as I was turning the camera around to get a shot of all the bikes behind us. If you look close at the behind shot, the bike directly behind us on the righthand side of the screen is my middle son Junior. Hope you enjoy this little snippet.

We stopped in Tar Heel NC for breakfast . . .
OH! was it good
scrambled eggs
country ham
and  a

Look at all the bikes . . .

just a few of the cars . . .

about 11:30AM
we arrived at Landry's

Where we were treated to a wonderful free lunch,
a beverage
choice of:
hamburger, chicken sandwich or seafood
While relaxing from the ride they held a raffle.
When the raffle was over,
so was the ride.
You could either leave or stay.
We decided to stay and walk some of the food off ,enjoy the sunshine, stretch our legs and do some shopping.

It was a wonderful ride.
I just wish the weather in NC would have been nicer
at least the rain held off until we pulled in the drive-way.

The unofficial count was
131 cars and bikes
about 267 drivers, riders and passengers
and just from the participants they raised around

We will definitely be participating next year
instead of riding back the same day
(our rear-ends were sore and numb)
we are going to get a room and come home the next day!!

Enjoy your day,
Tina ♡


  1. Comment copy from original post

    ⭐~Lavender Dreamer~
    APRIL 30, 2013 AT 9:46 AM
    Oh how great is that! I love Myrtle beach and Landry's is my favorite place to eat! I took pics of that upside down building the last time we were there...it's funny, isn't it! Hope you're feeling fine now! Sweet hugs!

  2. Comment copy from original post

    ⭐D Stepp
    MAY 2, 2013 AT 2:14 AM
    Great way to raise $$ for three deserving causes! Sounds like fun! Thanks so much for joining the Rock N Share party! Hope to see you again soon! Have a great Thursday! Blessings, D


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