Christmas 2014

  Hey everyone!

So, are y'all ready for Christmas?

I am...barely!

I'm usually finished shopping and decorating by the first week in December. But this year...

DH and I just finished our Christmas shopping for the grand babies last weekend, I still have to get DH's present, finish crocheting the blanket I'm making for our youngest son,
and I'm still tweaking my Christmas decor!

But, although I am still tweaking I figured I would go ahead and show you what I've done so far.

As you walk in the front door you are greeted by a little bit of Christmas whimsy

Are you a fan of "A Christmas Story"? I am! My daughter and her DH bought this lamp for me last Christmas and I love it. So, what better place for it than in the foyer...

Into the family room...

the dining room buffet

and finally the kitchen/breakfast area

Well, there's the jest of my Christmas decor this year. Hope you enjoyed it.

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