DIY Built-in Hall Tree & "X" Console

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This post was originally posted on my old blog,''. -----> Hello, DH and I have been busy these past 2 years building furniture for our home, in an effort to get it the way I want.

One area in our home that I have always had a hard time getting just right is the foyer. Then one day I came across these plans | HERE |, but ours was going to be permanent and these plans | HERE | for a "X" console. DH and I made a few adjustments in size and he got to work building.

*Sorry for the poor photo quality, they were taken with a phone*

Built-in hall tree:
DH built the bench first, brought it in so he could get it centered and the measurements written down.

Once the measurements were right, he removed the baseboards and cut the chair rail to size. The bench was put in place, then secured to the wall.

Once in place, DH started building the rest of the hall tree directly to the wall. All molding was added, baseboards were put in place, then caulked, and it was ready for primer, then paint.

I primed it first, then painted.

We added the coat hooks and it was ready to decorate.

Next piece DH built was the "X" console. Besides adjusting the size, it was assembled according to the plans |HERE|

The cost of the built-in was less than $100. We used a mixture of mdf and wood.

The cost of the "X" console was free. Thank goodness for scrap wood!

Foyer reveal coming soon.

So, do you have and area in your home that you just can't get it to look the way you want it?

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  2. This one is amazing. This is really an impressive post. I liked this DIY built-in hall tree and x-console. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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