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The past two weeks have been hectic to say the least. It started two weeks ago, while DH and I were on the toy run; our youngest son got in an accident. Yes he is fine and the truck can/is being fixed.  Of course if you have ever had to put in a claim, well, you know how it can get.  We got it all squared away on Thursday.  With all that finished I thought, OK! now I can work on all those D.I.Y projects. But , HAHAHAHAHA, that wasn't going to happen!! The cable on my lawnmower broke (I like to cut the backyard, it is great exercise), so DH had to cut the backyard with the riding mower. NOPE, I do not use the riding mower, lets just say I would like to keep the bushes I have in the yard!!!

So, you are probably thinking that isn't bad and it isn't, just frustrating. Well, we got my mower fixed, WOOHOO! However, Monday evening I walked out the front door and an area of our front yard looked like it was about to deliver Godzilla!!!! A water main broke!!
The water company came and dug a huge hole in the yard. Needless to say they didn't dig up the sod nice and neat, NOPE, they just dug it up with the back hoe.
They finally finished at 11:30 pm. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday morning moving grass around  to the backyard. We spent the rest of the week waiting for the mud to dry, so topsoil and new sod could be brought in. Which  isn't going to happen until tomorrow, we hope. 

Well, DH is on vacation this week, so, we decided that Kenny Chesney had the right idea.........it is time for "the sun and the sand and a drink in my hand with no bottoms."
That's right; no matter how well you roll with the punches, there comes a time when you need to get away!!!
(Kure Beach, NC)

Hope everyone has a great week! I know we will!!!!! :o)      

Enjoy your day,
Tina ♡

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