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So we return from our mini vacay late Wednesday evening feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I get up yesterday morning and start the laudry when.........


(excuse me while I laugh hysterically)

Well, we called around about repairs. I knew it was going to be expensive but the wait is what worried me. Almost a week............a household of eight without a washer for a week.......yeah right!!!  

Laundry could be done at my parents house.............noooo, I do not want to put them through that! 

 So, DH and I will fix it!   Well, wouldn't ya know it; we would have to take the entire washing machine apart to fix it! I don't think so!!! However,  I solved that problem really easy, I bought a new one!



It was so nice to get away from the everyday routine.  We went to Kure Beach, NC It is on Pleasure Island and down from Carolina Beach. There are not very many hotels/motels to stay at there, so we stayed at Ft. Fisher recreation area. The rooms and cottages are old but it was clean and inexpensive.

Oh how nice it was and so pretty. We had the Cape Fear River basin on one side and across the street was the beach. 
Pictures of the Cape Fear from the pier near our room.

We only spent a few days there. Monday afternoon and all of Tuesday we just laid and walked along  the beach. OH so relaxing, sigh. OH and we did a little shopping Tuesday evening. I found this adorable little shop and the owners were so nice. I left with her:

 Take a visit to the web page (it is still under construction, but you can see what the shop carries): The Mermaid Castle


Wednesday we did a little sightseeing. If you are into history or a civil war buff then you need to take a trip to Ft. Fisher.

Photograph of earthen structure then and now.......

WOW.....what a toll time has taken!

On the other side of the site is a monument to those men who served......

Full view of the monument plus the base of the monument up close....

This picture looks like a mound of earth covered by plants........

they are bushes that form a natural cave. Sorry for not going in but me and places where creepy crawlies could be......do not mesh. However we did see dear tracks around the opening!

I also feel in love with these trees, look at all the shade (natures umbrella)

This is the view from underneath. Isn't it cool?!

This is the ocean side of the Fort, huge boulders were moved in to keep it from eroding. Unfortunately about 200 yards of the fort was engulfed by the ocean before the boulders were placed.

There is also this wonderful alcove, as we were walking up two park rangers were removing the last few sea turtle eggs!! We missed seeing the eggs and the mom by about 20 min!! So sorry there are no pictures of them BUT I did get a picture of her tracks. If you look close, you can see her tracks going up and going back. 

here is the close-up of her tracks heading back to the water......

So cool!!! I really wish I could have gotten a picture of her.

Well, my mini tour of Ft. Fisher is over. 

It was time for us to head home.......
But our trip was not complete. We were going to see the U.S.S North Carolina! It had been a long time since DH and I had toured her, we stopped in for a visit.

OK.....I don't know about ya'll but I think I would hurt myself if I had to sleep on one of these!!!!
Wouldn't ya'll just love to have that silver setting? It is gorgeous!

Isn't she pretty?

If you ever get the chance to visit Wilmington, PLEASE pay this lovely lady a visit. Admission price is not bad, and all money is put right back into maintaining her! She is well worth it.  Who knows maybe on your visit you might happen upon one of her crew. If you are unable to visit they do accept donations.

So, that was our mini vacation! Now it is back to LIFE!!      

Enjoy your day,
Tina ♡

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