Dec 31, 2014

here it is the last day of 2014!
Hard to believe the year is almost over, it has gone by so fast.

With the closing of the year let's review some of my featured post:

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See y'all next year!!!
Turn up your volume and enjoy!!


Dec 16, 2014

  Hey everyone!

So, are y'all ready for Christmas?

I am...barely!

I'm usually finished shopping and decorating by the first week in December. But this year...

DH and I just finished our Christmas shopping for the grand babies last weekend, I still have to get DH's present, finish crocheting the blanket I'm making for our youngest son,
and I'm still tweaking my Christmas decor!

But, although I am still tweaking I figured I would go ahead and show you what I've done so far.

As you walk in the front door you are greeted by a little bit of Christmas whimsy

Are you a fan of "A Christmas Story"? I am! My daughter and her DH bought this lamp for me last Christmas and I love it. So, what better place for it than in the foyer...

Into the family room...

the dining room buffet

and finally the kitchen/breakfast area

Well, there's the jest of my Christmas decor this year. Hope you enjoyed it.

Dec 1, 2014

     Can you believe that Christmas is 24 days from now? I feel as though I have lost time somewhere...

How about you?

I have really been distracted the last few months with ideas, reflections and just a constant whirlwind of thoughts in my mind. It has gotten to the point on some days where I forget whether I'm coming or going.

Plus this will be a different Christmas for us...
my daughter plus her family and my son plus his family
will not be home for Christmas, nor will DH and I be able to go there.
But all isn't lost since Devyn is here with us (you can read why here) until Christmas break, Jacs will be coming to spend a week with us after Christmas and Mikey will be here during Christmas. So we may be minus our babies in body but they will be here in spirit!

And with all the inspiration that seems to have hit blog land earlier than it seems to have last year...
I feel even more behind!

But all is not lost... at least I hope not!

Since I haven't even started decorating...
which for me starts the evening of Thanksgiving with the tree, so it can settle before being decorated...
I decided to show you some of my decor from Christmas' of past.


This image of our tree was in our old house and before I started blogging...
I just happen to find this on a memory card from an old camera.


read more about this ornament


Hope you enjoyed this walk through Christmases of the past.


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