A Childs Imagination (repost)


  This post was inspired by my precious grandson (Devyn) and his imagination.

 In this day and age of technology we rarely see children use their unbridled imagination. Most of their time is spent playing video games, watching t.v. or participating in some sort of organized activity.

 Now, I was an active child but I had the free time to let my imagination take over. My children were always allowed this time to create/imagine. Out of all three of my children, my youngest was the one with the most vivid imagination. Now when all three were together, all though there would be fights, they could create a wonderful world. They were allowed to bring all there toys out and just go to town, just like I was.

  When DH and I were dating (we're high-school sweethearts) we were talking about when we were little; imagine the shock  when DH told me that when he was little he was only allowed to have ONE toy out at a time!! "You have got to be kidding me!?".... was what came out of my mouth, he wasn't kidding, which I discovered later!

 Anyways, fast forward about 9 years, one day when we were visiting his parents, my kids started pulling out all the toys they brought, asking if they could use this and that, so they could create, and guess what? That's right.........his mother informed then only ONE toy...My kids, being so much like me, looked at their grandmother in disbelief and asked "WHY?" Her response, " There is no reason to make a big mess, plus you can only play with one toy at a time."

 They put ALL of their toys away, then sat with me on the couch. After about 15 minutes my middle child , who was always brutally honest, looked at me and said, "I want to go to grandma & grandpa V's house, it is more fun there." (No, DH mother did not hear this.) We stayed for a few minutes longer, packed the kids up and headed to my parents. No sooner did they walk in the door and out came the toys.

 I had just finished telling my mother and sister of the one toy rule, when my kids and my nephew come out of my dad's office with all kinds of knick knacks and treasures to use.

I sat down on the couch and for a moment I was an uninvited guest into my children's world, where a pile of books become mountains, the stripes in a rug become a road, where anything and everything is possible.

 For sometime, as my kids got older, I was no longer able to be that uninvited guest.

 But thankfully my precious Devyn has unknowingly allowed me to visit once more, a place where the unbridled imagination of a child is free to expand beyond the universe..................  

UPDATE: My precious is now 16 and the place of unbridled imagination is now in the mind of my precious 8yr old grandson "J" when visiting with him.......at least for a time.....

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