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Hello Sweet Friends! 

Welcome to 'A Note from Tina'. A monthly note where you can catch-up on all the projects, d.i.y.s, crafts, recipes, and life here at Maples & Stone. So grab your favorite drink and join me for a few. Thank you for being here! 

Life Lately

This month has been another busy month for us. We had our driveway extended, sidewalk from the driveway to the backgate, and a side patio poured. 

Instead of having them haul off the dirt they removed we had them put it in the backyard to use in areas that have slowly washed away and around the trees and roots. We also used it in the newly created bed (seen above^). We still have more to go (sigh). I'm tired of moving dirt, BUT, thankful that I can.

We spread out new mulch in the front beds.

I inherited my parents birdbath/fountain. Jeff got it working again, put it in the front bed, and now there's the soothing sound of moving water while sitting on the front porch swing. 

Plus my middle grandchild Jacs is up from Florida visiting for a couple weeks. 


  • I bought another Brumate cup w/straw...I LOVE it! If you've never tried them,  this is the one to start with.
  •  I bought this bag  to replace the worn out one I had for years. I wear jeans a lot during the spring/ summer and this is perfect for me. 
If you want to take a look at some of my favorite purchases go Here (I'm always adding more) 

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 On the Blog 

So here's to another month marked off. Be on the lookout in the coming months for a mid-month 'note from Tina' (if I can get caught up on my posts in drafts) .

Hope you have a wonderful June! 

Thank you very much for being here!

Have a great day!


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