What's Cooking for March?

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Do you use a theme for your monthly menu plan?  I have on and off for many years now. I have to say using a theme makes meal planning easier. My meal theme plan started out as a necessity due to a busy schedule while our daughter and her family were temporarily living with us. I loved how easy it made meal planning. I've stopped using it a couple of times over the years, but then I go back; even though our lives aren't as busy.

Why use a menu theme? 

Menu themes make meal planning easier and it keeps you from repeating the same meal more than once in a month, i.e. taco Tuesday. Sorry not sorry, but I can only eat so many Tacos within a month. But hey, if that's your thing; no judgment from me! You can use themes whether you meal plan weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Plus like with any type of meal planning it makes grocery shopping easier. It also helps you create a meal plan around your families liking. Plus it can change with the seasons.


Below is a small peek...
On my phone and tablet I have a list in my Cozi App for every day of the week, with the theme, and then a list of meals. I add a smiley face to the "new" recipes that we loved. On Pinterest I have a private board dated for each week (I shop weekly) where I pin "something new to try" recipes. (I recently switched Saturday and Sunday) 

Sample menu 

My Menu Themes (I recently switched Saturday and Sunday) 

  • Sunday - eat out
  • Monday - crockpot meal
  • Tuesday  - texmex/Mexican
  • Wednesday  - sandwich 
  • Thursday  - pasta or take out
  • Friday  - free for all 
  • Saturday  - soup, salad, something new 

Looking for theme ideas

If you're looking for ideas a search on Pinterest will help  or you can develop your own. Example: Seafood-Saturday/Sunday, Meatless-Monday, Fish fry-Friday, just to name a few. 

March Meal Plan 

  1. Crock-pot Hot Honey Ribs, w/corn & tossed salad 
  2. Spaghetti w/garlic bread 
  3. Eat out 
  4. Crock-pot Salsa Chicken, in taco boats w/cheese
  5. Kielbasa Stew 
  6. Mississippi Pot Roast ลต/mashed potatoes & salad 
  7. Chicken and gravy w/mashed potatoes & green beans 
  8. Meatball subs
  9. Leftovers 
  10. Eat out 
  11. Crock-pot southwest Chicken and rice
  12. Tortellini Alfredo w/salad & garlic bread 
  13. Korean beef w/rice 
  14. Caribbean jerk shrimp bowl
  15. Air Fryer Steak w/baked potato & salad 
  16. Friar Tuck Sandwiches 
  17. Eat out 
  18. Mississippi pork chops w/mashed potatoes &salad
  19.  Chicken Alfredo w/ garlic bread & salad 
  20. Cheesesteak sloppy Joe's
  21. Cobb salad
  22. Breakfast 
  23. Leftovers 
  24. Eat out 
  25. Lasagna w/ garlic bread & salad 
  26. Ceaser salad w/ salami slices & pepper jack cheese 
  27. BLT sandwiches 
  28. Enchilada casserole 
  29. BBQ pork chops 
  30. Crock-pot Turkey Roast w/mashed potatoes, green beans & stuffing
Hope this helps in your meal planning! 

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