What I've Read | Vol.8

Hey everyone!
I have been thinking! OK......now stop........the smoke you smell is not coming from me thinking...............SHEESH!

With everyone's hectic schedule, I have decided to make some changes to my Rainy Day Reading.

First, I will only be posting 1 or 2 books, instead of the usual 3 to 4. Not that I don't have enough books for many more post, but a change is needed.

Second, Rainy Day Reading will be posted the FIRST FRIDAY of every month (starting in July). This way it is posted for the weekend when most people enjoy some down time.

So there are the changes. I really do hope that those I contact will be willing to participate. It will be gratefully appreciated.

Now on to the book suggestions:

1. I'm sure many may have already read this book, but I enjoyed it, and if any haven't here is your chance. THE HELP


2. Now here comes one by Stephen King. This is on audio so you can listen to it where ever you are. THE GINGERBREAD GIRL

 http://www.amazon.com/The-Gingerbread-Girl-Stephen- King/dp/0743571185

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