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I'm so happy to welcome you to the MapleStone Home blog! This is where I, along with my wonderful DH Jeff (who's my builder of dreams...whatever I dream up or inspiration I find, he builds); share all the diy projects, crafts, hobbies, recipes, what I've read and happenings within our North Carolina home.

What I've Read | Vol.14 {Marian Parsons "Inspired You"}

Are there some of you out there that do not know who Marian Parsons is? No? Well if you read d.i.y. or home decor blogs then you may know her as Miss Mustard Seed. I have been visiting her blog for well over a year and I love it. She has such a beautiful home (especially if you like that kind of decor) and she did it all on a rather small budget.

Back in October/November time frame her book "Inspired You" was published.
"I'd like to lovingly remind you that your worth is not found in the outward appearance of your house, but in the inward appearance of your heart."

Isn't she just the cutest?
When the digital format became available I purchased it. I was not disappointed. It is very inspiring, informative (she has several d.i.y. projects in the book), and at times funny. Especially the extreme nesting story that took place when she was five months pregnant. I was thrilled with the fact that she broke down how much the furnishings and decor in each room cost her, and OH you will be really surprised. I wish I could find deals like she has. She also talks about the envy and perfection that many of us (and her) have/want for those staged homes we see in magazines and blogland. The book encourages you to find your own style and gift for decorating, which she believes everyone has, they just have to find their niche'.

This image is from her blog not the book
 but it gives you an idea of her style if you have never visited her blog.
She talks about the rut she found her self in and with the encouragement of her mother stepped out of her comfort zone to pursue what she loves. I am so glad she did, because the world is a little brighter with her and her creativity in it. 

The day after Christmas I order the Hard back of her book and I am so pleased that I did. The photography is much better in book form. I mean the pictures are beautiful in digital form BUT with the book you can really see the beauty in her home. And unlike many decorating books, that seem technical and stuffy, hers is very relaxed, it feels like she is just talking to a friend.

"If you highest priority is walking in faith and loving our families, we'll find joy in the sofa stains, the scratches on the dining room table, and the pile of shoes by the door."

So, if you haven't gotten your copy, go get it!

If you have never heard of her and would like to see her decor before purchasing the book, then head on over to:   Miss Mustard Seed    visit for awhile, say hello, then go get her book! You will NOT be disappointed.

"Remember the goal you're working toward: HOME. A home whose walls and rooms tell the story of the family who lives there."

This is definitely one of those books that I will read/browse through often.

P.S. Oh and she has her own brand of Milk paint that came out in 2012. I am waiting on mine as we speak, I have the perfect project for it. Can't wait!!

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