Grandson's Room Reveal

Those of you who visited me when OHM was still open; may remember the reveal of my grandsons room.

Well, back around Christmas time DH and I purchased him a new bed.
One of those neat desk below, bed above pieces. He needed a bigger desk and his room just isn't big enough for that.
So, with the new bed came the next question from him . . . 
Can we change the paint?
I don't like the blue anymore!

Of course being the kind of grandma I am I just had to say yes. And that is exactly what I did while he was in Florida on his spring break!
I'm not sure what style you would call his room . . .
Eclectic Industrial?
Baseball Industrial?
How about
Devyns Style?
Yes, I like that one the best.

OK . . .
back to the room.
One of the first things was to replace the fan with something a little more industrial looking.
It is great because we can direct each light wherever we want.

I am not going to show you the whole process of us painting.

So we will go to the finished room:

above the closet doors is a transformer print with his name and beside side the closet doors I hung two black frames with his birth month and year. I saw this on a blog and I cannot find nor do I remember whose blog it was.

Behind his bedroom door, I hung some of his favorite posters.

In front of his closet doors sits his chair with a painted drop cloth pillow.

On the other side of his bedroom door sits his skateboard,
a metal magazine rack from Decor Steals, above that is a rack I made for his ball caps and knit caps. He has more ball caps but he wanted these to sit out for all to see.

His bed, he loves his stuffed animals and each one is special to him. I cut and hemmed a drop cloth to use as a coverlet for his bed.
Although you can't see it I also made a matching sham.

Here is the desk area below the bed. You will see in the right corner below the desk I used a basket from Antique Farm House to hold the shoes he wears the most and his cleats. If you look closely on the desk on the left side of his computer you may recognize a recipe holder from Decor Steals, he uses it to hold his weekly homework to-do sheet. Many of his favorite things are on this desk, from books to souvenirs. I was going to recover his desk chair
I decided that I would have a hard time keeping the new drop cloth covers clean!!

Here are his painted drop cloth curtains.
I was going to show you how to paint drop cloth curtains
I had to paint these on the floor in the master bath between running after my youngest grandson and pictures were the last thing on my mind . . .  :)
It is rather easy to do:
after you wash/dry the drop cloth,
measure, cut and hem your curtains.
Figure out where you want the stripes to go,
lay the curtain on a hard flat service,
tape off your stripes using painters tape,
making sure the tape is down really well or you will have to much bleeding (some bleeding is ok).
Gather your paint ( I used black craft paint and the paint I used on his walls)
Paint your stripes in a rather hap-hazard way.
remember you want it to look aged.
If you are in a hurry for them to dry, use a blow dryer.
Once dry, I put them in the washing machine and ran it through the rinse cycle only,
this removes any globs of paint from the fabric.
Then I dried them in the dryer on HIGH,
this sets the paint.
Once this was finished a ran them through a normal wash and dry cycle.
I did the same to the pillow cover.

His inspirational poster got a black wood frame. Sorry it is fuzzy, it says:
Direct your own destiny
Believe in yourself
Find reasons to smile
Embrace the journey
Have faith
Conquer New Heights
Follow your heart
Explore new horizons
Dare to dream
Let laughter happen
Share the joy
Write yourself a Happy Ending.

Now onto the other side of the room:

DH brought home some metal shelves, he cut them down and reconfigured them to fit all my grandsons stuff.
I used metal baskets from Decor Steals and Antique Farmhouse to store: movies, games, gaming remotes, tv remote and toys. We also hung heavy duty 'S' hooks on either side of the center piece . . .
This is where he hangs his backpack, his gaming backpack, and his baseball mit.

a closer look:

To the left is his baseball jersey and hat from last year,
2 banks-one holds pennies and the other holds silver coins and bills,
and of course the mickey wizards hat he got last year. Now the wood for the shelves has been covered, but you will notice that the shelves on the left and right are covered with drop clothes,
while the center is covered in faux black leather.

Above his TV are his certificates from playing baseball and if you are wondering what that is laying across the shelf . . . 
my sons snake Moe sheds, like snakes do, and this piece is actually one of very few completely intact sheddings. Devyn wanted it and his uncle obliged.

here is the right side of the shelves:
above is his jersey and baseball cape from the division championship team he was on last year.
A very heavy train doorstop...
 why is it on the shelf?
Well, the youngest grandson tries to play with it and has knocked it over on his little foot and that thing hurts!
His little boom box,
a paper hat he recieved from Steak n Shake this year on his trip to Florida (yep he is kind of a hoarder already at 8)
and the statue of a rattle snack his uncle bought him.

There it is a room perfect for a growing boy with all the things he loves!!


  1. Hi Tina. Your grandson's room turned out great! I LOVE the painted dropcloth draperies. I've just completed my first couple of projects using a dropcloth and I do believe that I'm smitten!

  2. This turned out so good! You did a great job on this remodel! I am new from southern charm! I would love for you to check out my blog and hopefully follow me back! Have a great day. Nicole

  3. I know a grandma who is just like you! She'll say yes to anything her little boy asks her to do.

    Devyn is one lucky boy to have a grandma like you and a room like this. I bet he loves it.

    As a mom of a 6-year-old, I can relate to the proliferation of stuffed animals. And here, each one is special, too. (And not just to my little guy. Sometimes when he's at school, I'll find myself talking to his stuffed friends, especially his most precious dinosaur pal.)

    What's important to them is important to us.

    But I think I'd have to draw the line at snakes!


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