Burlap Wreath w/Nest | Design №3

Originally posted March 24, 2014 on my blog 'Home Sweet Home No.14'. -----> Yes, you read that right. I have made another Burlap Wreath. This one will hang in the top center of the breakfast area window, since I went from full length curtains to cafe style.
The concept for making this one is the same one I used for burlap wreath #2, I just changed the ribbon and the loops aren't as tightly pushed together as the other one. I used a smaller wreath form and I added a little nest with eggs.

The kitchen is coming along slowly.....very slowly!  Of course it doesn't help when I have my mind set on one thing (like butcher block counter tops) and then at the last minute change my mind.......which means some other things will have to change!
Does this ever happen to you?

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  1. I love the added bird's nest! How pretty for Spring. Sounds like you are going to have the kitchen of your dreams my friend! Sweet hugs!

  2. Love the burlap wreath and the nice added touch of the nest…so cute. Thank you for sharing at One More Time Events….Tammy


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