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I'm so happy to welcome you to the MapleStone Home blog! This is where I, along with my wonderful DH Jeff (who's my builder of dreams...whatever I dream up or inspiration I find, he builds); share all the diy projects, crafts, hobbies, recipes, what I've read and happenings within our North Carolina home.

Clothespin Wreath

This post was originally posted March 9th 2014, on my blog 'Home Sweet Home No.14'.
-----> I have to say this is one of the easiest and quickest wreaths to make. I'm is!! I should also say it is the cheapest..........I already had all the supplies so it was a FREE craft. However, if I had to take a guess at the price...............Under $10..........if even that high.

I've seen this pinned on several boards and thought how cute! I need to make one. So I grabbed some supplies I had on hand and got to work. Total time to make this wreath 10 - 15 minutes!!!

  * Metal ring (or you can shape a wire hanger into a ring) about 10 inches or larger (I found mine in DH tool chest....I have no idea what it goes too or if he needs it! But considering it has been sitting in there for about 5 years.....I honestly don't think he is going to use it)
*100 clothes pins ($1.27 @ walmart) or more, depending on the size of your ring
*choice of ribbon for the bow.
 *wire to make the hanger

OK.........are you ready to assemble it? Included are images with instructions and printed instructions follow with no images.

1. make a wire hanger and place where you want the top center of your wreath to be

2. clip clothespin on the ring until no more will fit

3.starting at the center left, count 10 clothespins, squeeze to open and add a bead of glue then close the clothes pin. Then repeat this step to the right of the hanger.
(the reason for doing this, is so the top clothespins DO NOT flop over when you hang it)

4. once the glue is dry, flip the wreath over and run a line of glue all the way around the back of the wreath. let it dry.

5. Here is the final step.......make your bow. Ann Drake from On Sutton Place has a great tut on making the perfect technique for making this type of bow is similar to hers but I don't use staples, so it makes it more difficult for me to get pictures, one handed, and hers is alot easier!!

Then  glue on the bow and
there ya go!

Oh, I just thought of this.........if you want to coordinate the wreath with the colors in your laundry room you could cover the clothespin with washi tape or paint! How cute would that be??

Thank you kindly for visiting,

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  1. So Cute….love it….Thanks for Sharing at One More Time Events….Tammy

  2. Very cute and so easy to do! Thank you for sharing at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a lovely week! ~Deborah

  3. Tina,
    Thanks so much for sharing this cute thrifty wreath at my party. You will be feathered at this weeks party on Monday.


  4. Well this is the cutest thing ever - definitely pinning!
    Thanks so much for sharing - I would have never ever thought of this :)
    Visiting from Coastal Charm


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