DIY Easy Laptop/Bed Tray

How many of you lay your laptop on your legs or propped on a pillow while sitting in bed, lounging on a chair or couch? I do quite often. And on occasion I would catch my laptop before it would hit the floor! So I started searching for laptop bed trays...there are a lot out there and the price on some were just way to expensive.
Finally after several weeks of looking and complaining I sat down wrote out the dimensions of what I wanted, and ordered these HAIRPIN LEGS (non-affiliated link).

I took my dimensions (25" x 14") and legs to darling hubby, letting him know that the scrap piece of butcher block he had was what I wanted it made out of and left him to preform his magic!🙂 
  1. Cut butcher block to desired size 
  2. Sand
  3. Place legs where you want them, mark where screws go, pre-drill holes (DO NOT mount legs yet if wanting cup holder)
  4. Mark area for cup holder,  then using a 2½ inch hole saw drill to desired depth.
  5. Sand any rough edges from drilling cup holder.
  6. Add legs
  7. Paint, stain or polyurethane 

About 30 minutes later he brought me this...

With something extra...a place to hold my cup! Something I hadn't thought of!

Because of the 2" thick butcher block this thing is heavy which means I don't run the risk of it tipping or getting knocked over easily,  like many of the store bought ones. 

I love the way it turned out.

Happy Building!  
Enjoy your day, Tina ♡

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  1. Love this! Saw it featured a couple places, but this morning at Pieced Pastimes. ☺️

    1. Thank you!
      Enjoy your weekend��


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