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Hello! So how many of you have the wire shelves in your master  bedroom closet?  We did, for 10 long years.  Just a side note, our closet also served as extra storage for home decor and furniture, but no more. I started slowly decluttering and organizing (my way) back in 2015. Yes I said 2015, not because I am slow and a procrastinator, which I am, but due to extenuating circumstances that I'm not going to get into.

Once our closet was clear of the furniture and decor I went about measuring and planning the space. Below is my sloppy drawing of what I wanted:
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It is actually a very simple build. The layout: each side is divided into thirds & measurements are the same on both sides.

We removed the carpet, baseboards, & patched holes. DH then mounted the 1x2 brace for the top shelf then proceeded with the rest of the build.

Once that was finished everything was painted then the flooring and baseboards were installed. 

Finally I moved our clothes, shoes, etc in.

Total cost was more than I had budgeted because DH decided to add a little extra support while installing the shelves. I added a runner (purchased  at Wal-Mart)...that floor gets we can move on to the 3 other closets!

*Bought here {non-affiliated}
4 = 1x2x8 wood
6 = 1.375 plastic white rod socket
6 = 1.25in wood dowel
1 = 2x4x8 wood
14 = 1x12x8 wood
2 = 1x12x12 wood
*Already Had
1 gallon = Valspar 'The Perfect White' satin paint
3 = black hooks

*Bought here {non-affiliated}
3 boxes = Vinyl Wood Flooring Gunstock Walnut (no longer in stock)

TOTAL COST: About $500.00

So glad we got this finished and I'm really enjoying the layout.

What do you think? 

Happy Building!

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