Re-use It Wednesday | Turn an Old Radio into a Bluetooth Speaker

North Carolina, USA

Welcome to 'Re-use It Wednesdays' a place where I will share how I have re-used items around my home.  As a military wife for 23 years I was always looking for a way to use things in different locations in the home or just using them in a different way instead of getting rid of them. 
Back in the late '90s I bought a reproduction of a radio that had a cassette player in it. Well over the years of wear and tear the cassette player stopped working and the speaker was busted. I still used it in my Decor because I like the way it looks...

Over the Christmas holidays I bought a small BOSE Bluetooth speaker. I decided that I wanted to use it out in our living room and the best way to hide it was to put it inside the shell of my radio. It is actually very simple to do.

  1. First step is to remove the back
  2. Tools you will need more than likely will be a pair of wire cutters and a phillips screwdriver
  3. Remove all the inside components

  1. Place the Bluetooth speaker inside

  1. And either secure the back or you can leave it off if you're going to put it in shelves like I have mine.
  2. Once in place turn on and enjoy your music or your audible books.

You have turned an unusable piece of decor into a usable piece!

 Enjoy your day! ♡ Tina

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