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Welcome to 'A Note from Tina'. A monthly note where you can catch-up on all the projects,  d.i.y.s,  crafts,  recipes,  and life here at Maples & Stone. I'll also throw in favorite idas, inspiration, small businesses, home decor, recipes, instagram feeds, favorite purchases, etc or get on my soapbox about the price of eggs and/or social media! So grab your favorite drink and join me for a few.  Thank you for being here! 


Here we are at the end of January, can you believe it? This was a busy but unproductive month for me. December 23rd our son "J" (he's a truck driver)   came in for Christmas and left on the 10th. December 28th our oldest grandchild "D" drove up from Florida, he left the 11th. It was a great visit.  

DH ( darlin hubby)  had some stomach virus that was going around. So he was out for about a week.  Our middle grandchild "Jjr" had the virus while here for Christmas, poor guy!  And our granddaughter "S" had it the week before Christmas.  Thankfully no one else has come down with it! 

I have been trying, unsuccessfully I might add, to get back on schedule after the holidays. I did manage over the month to go through my devices, I try to do this at the end or beginning of every year. I started going through the garage cabinets last weekend (wasn't going to start this soon), but I was looking for something and realized that there were a lot of half empty cans of paint, dried tubes of caulk, etc. And once I started...you know how it is!

Do you make resolutions or pick a word? I don't and haven't for a long time. Sometimes I will set a goal, paying off a bill, saving for big projects, etc. I do keep a long running project list for the house that I update every year (linked below).  I don't consider it a goal or resolution since we work on it when we can.



(at this time I NOT affiliated with any company/business shared on my website) 
  • I love Brumate . In fact I bought their beer and can coolers for DH and our sons for Christmas 
  • I bought these chairs for my kitchen table (later post). I love them!
  • Love the outfits that I've bought from the Pulse Boutique 
  • Bought this purse in brown and black 

ON the BLOG 


Join me in February for a yummy treat for your sweetheart, what I've crocheted plus inspiration,  what I've read, plus more.

☆FEBRUARY TO-DO UPSTAIRS (den and bedroom) 

□ Remove built-in 

□ Fix flooring where built-in were 

□ Patch holes 

□ Touch-up paint 

□ Reinstall built-in shelves 

□ Install baseboards 

□ Hang new blinds

□ Arrange furniture 

□ Finish lapghan 

□ Wash curtains 


□ Finish edging on closet organizer 

□ Hang new blinds 

□ Install new fan

□ Wash curtains 

That's all for now!  Hope to see you next month. 

Thank you very much for being here!

Have a great day!


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