New Year Device Organization

Well hello there sweet friends! 

Here we are a little over midway into a new year! I'm sure many of you are organizing your home/lives. Can I ask you a question? During all the organizing of home/life, do you do the same with your phone, tablet, laptop/desktop, and yes, even your kindle/kindle app and/or audible? I have done this every year since our first desktop. It takes me about 2+ weeks to go through my phone, tablet, kindle app, audible, and laptop. I set aside about 2 hours a day to work on this. 

Here's a list of what I do on each device; many are the same. 

Tablet, Phone, Laptop 

  • Change background and/or theme (I do this seasonally) 
  • Uninstall any unused apps/programs
  • Update apps/programs that don't automatically do so
  • Organize and delete (duplicate or unwanted) photos and videos 
  • Organize and delete (duplicate or unwanted) apps and folders 
  • Clear call logs, text messages 
  • Notification review and change (if needed) 
  • Review and delete unwanted notes 
  • Update contacts information (if needed) 
  • Delete call logs (I do this monthly) 
  • Clear history and cache 
  • Delete unwanted bookmarks 
  • Update/delete email and subscriptions 
  • Organize and delete your playlists 
  • Social Media - unfollow accounts, update your profiles (if needed), declutter
  • Delete book or audible samples 
  • Delete books on wishlist your no longer interested in reading/listening too.
  • Organize books in to categories in kindle (i.e. read again, magazines to keep,  design/ decor).
Now you see why it takes so long and why I only give a few hours each day... my eyes cross after after awhile! A plus to doing this type of don't have to buy anything!

Did you find this useful? Did I miss anything? Of course you can be more specific with yours. 

Happy New Year! 

Thank you very much for being here!

Have a great day!


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