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Back when I first started this blog, The Reading Nook at No.14 Ivy Stone Lane (which I have closed) I was searching for other blogs that focus on books and book reviews and I came across Engelia McCullough - Time 2 Blog. She was having a giveaway for the above book (author: Catherine Converse). I entered . . . and I won a digital copy!! I contacted both and thank them and also informed Catherine that I was going to write a review of her book . . . although I am about a month and half late . . . I have finally gotten around to writing it.

"Two girls with opposing backgrounds join a secret intelligence agency located deep in the earth located deep in the earth to remain hidden from society, where their psychic dreams are used to prevent murder. As the girls form a unique friendship, they begin to dream about the same serial case, triggering a chaos that spirals through the agency tunnels. They discover that the agency may not be all that it seems, and the lives they need to save are their own."

Although this book is for young adults, I believe many adults out there will find it intriguing.  I found myself really liking the main character (Adie). Young adults may find that they can relate with this character rather easily also.  This book has everything that many young readers want: romance, mystery,  lots of action and a ton of twist and turns that will have sitting on the edge of your seat. You can't help but root for Adie as the story unfolds.

For a rather new writer, Catherine Converse does a great job of combining a paranormal story line with a criminal story line, plus she gives you just enough information too keep you reading. I did notice a few errors (spelling, punctuation) and the occasional missing word, but all in all this was a very good read. I will definitely be looking forward to the next book.

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