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This post was originally posted on May 18th, 2014 on my blog 'Home Sweet Home No.14.
-----> No, I have not become obsessed............(ok maybe just a little)...........with burlap wreaths. The thing that makes them so irresistible (to me) is the fact that they are easy to make, rather inexpensive and they seem to go with everything. I mean who can pass up something that versatile and makes life easier?

This one is for the back door and will be used for every holiday, except Christmas (I think).

I used almost the same technique for this wreath as I did wreath 2 and 3 minus one step.

* Loop your burlap through the first section, making sure the loops are rather large.

* Skip the middle section.

* Loop burlap in the third section, make sure this loop is large also.

{You need the loops large enough to hide the fact that the middle section does not contain any loops.}

* The metal wreath forms have cross bars every so many inches (see image to left) you are going to use these to attach your coordinating ribbon.

* After you have looped your burlap ribbon in the first area between the cross sections you will make you first loop with the coordinating ribbon...

*To begin the first loop you will start on the underneath side and pull ribbon through............

*for the other loops you will go down, under the cross bar then back up, do not pull this loop tight, it should just lay over the other loops as seen in the picture following...........

Once you are finished filling in your wreath, it is time to attach a ring or wire. For the bow, I was going to use this easy bow from Ann Drake from 'On Sutton Place', found | HERE | Then I decided I wanted a full bow, one I have made I don't know how many times! (Do you ever have those days where you just happen to be all thumbs and nothing turns out right? Well, I did for about a week straight. I just couldn't get my bow for this wreath come out right, so I changed tactics.)

Instead of adding one big bow, I went through and added just a simple ribbon to every other area where the beginning and ending of the middle loop. Like so:

Are you wondering what the ring or wire is for? You will use it to hang little plaques, an initial, etc for the I did here for Memorial Day. (I will be hanging a lil pair of flip flops from it for the month of June!)

There you have an interchangeable wreath for your door................Now that is what I call a versatile wreath, wouldn't you?

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  1. You've changed your look too! I love it!
    This tutorial should help me make my first burlap wreath.

    1. Thank you! You love how easy it is to make these wreaths. :)

    2. You *will* . . . is how that should read

  2. Very pretty, and easy to customize with different themes. Would love for you to stop by Fridays Unfolded and share! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my haircut. I am getting used to it and starting to really like it!


    1. Thank you, Alison. Glad you're really liking your short hair.

  3. Beautiful project! Love it! Thanks for sharing!
    Have a fabulous weekend!
    Hugs from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft


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