What & Where to Donate, Throwaway, & Sell

Welcome back. I hope you have enjoyed these posts so far, and maybe, in some small way they're helping you in reaching your goals for 2016. Sorry for this one being late but life happened!! Today we are going to talk about what to donate, throw away, and/or sell.

Some people like to have yard sales. Personally I don't like yard sales; and there maybe some of you that are like me, or you don't have the time, or you don't have the space.

Not to worry...
if the items age in good enough condition, why not try a local consignment shop. You can make a little money without all the hassle, granted you will have to pay a percentage to the shop, but it's still a good way to make money.

You may want to try locally owned thrift stores too. Some will pay you a good price and pick-up larger items. Just make sure to ask. We have an acquaintance that owns a thrift store, she pays pretty good and she will pick-up furniture.

Many churches also have community yard sales. I have also noticed in my neck of the woods some schools will also have yard/rummage sales during the warmer months. Check with your community also, who knows you may be able to find a few neighbors that would be willing to have a joint yard sale.


Now, I know many of you like to donate to Good Will and/or the Salvation Army; but there are other places to donate items.

- The Red Cross: donate bed linens and clothing in good condition.
- Homeless shelters: blankets and clothing again in good condition.
- Women's shelters:  women and children's clothing. Some may take toys, just call and ask before  dropping the items off.
- Children's homes: clothing, toys, and/or books. Again make sure to call to see what they will take.

Need to get rid of magazines and/or books?
- Call your local VA hospital. DH and I donate many of our magazines to VA.
- Nursing homes
- Daycares and/or elementary schools.

Please call or stop by to verify exactly what these places will take

Can you think of any that I missed?
Throw Away

Now this should be a no brainer to many...
BUT, I have seen things donated that should really be thrown away.

Furniture, appliances, lawn care (mowers) hat are broken, scratched beyond repair, please either try to find a way to recycle or take to your local land fill (please don't start in about taking it to your local land fill, I would rather see it go to a contained area than dumped along the side of the road!!)
REMEMBER, not everyone shopping/looking for second hand furniture has the means to repair these items!! (You may also have a few men in your area that will take your mower or appliances repair them then sell them.)

Clothing with rips, tears or holes: unless either you or someone you now is a good sewer please do not donate them.

Stained items: try to remove the stain. If it can't be removed, use the item for crafts, or cleaning. Maybe you know someone that is a quilter that would gladly take the garment off your hands.

Remember to stop by or call to find out what these places will take before you load it up!

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