Reproduction Tulip Crate

This post was originally posted on my old blog ''. -----> Every since I saw the use of a Tulip crate on HGTV Fixer Upper I've wanted one. However I haven't really been in the mood to buy much for the house over the past year. Weird, huh?
There is a reason for this mood. When I started cleaning and organizing the house over a year ago I made the decision that I would not buy anything else until I was finished, mainly because I have a tendency to buy something I love in the store, only to get it home and not use it!  Making something is different, one you have to know exactly where you're going to use it, and two it's cheaper.

After thinking a long time about it, I finally drew up what I wanted, checked to make sure we had the wood (thank god DH hangs on to wood scraps), made a trip to the home improvement store to buy the mesh and asked DH (who was making something else for me) if he would cut the pieces I needed.

This is such an easy project and very inexpensive, too.

circular saw
nail gun
wood glue (optional)
stain or paint
wire mesh ( $14.00 for a roll 24" x  6')
gloves to protect hands when cutting and mounting mesh
metal shears
staple gun
3 - paint sticks

Out of a left over piece of wood,  cut:

2 - 1 x 2" x 24"
2 - 1 x 2" x 12"
4 -  1 x 1" x 4"

I compromised when it came to the strips for the bottom, DH didn't have anything thin enough to use, BUT we do have a ton of wood paint sticks, which when cut worked out perfectly.
3 - paint sticks cut to 13.5"

Sand all pieces
Stain: I prefer to stain all the pieces before assembling.
Sand again to age
Then stencil or paint on sides, like in the image below.  I did not do this to mine, for right now I like it without.

Magnolia Market 
  1.  Attach 1 - 12" board to the inside edge of 1 - 24' board
  2. Attach the 2nd - 12' board to the inside edge of the same 24" board
  3. Then attach the 2nd - 24" to make a rectangle
  4. Measure and cut mesh down to size, then attach to the bottom of the rectangle with staple gun.
  5. Attach paint sticks to bottom after mesh is in place, be careful when attaching or they will crack.
  6. Flip box over and attach 4" wood strips inside each of the four corners, making sure they are flush with the bottom.

Once finished, find the perfect spot for it, then sit back and admire your work!

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