What I've Read | February '24

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If you're new here this is a monthly post of the books I've read either on Kindle or in physical form, or listened to on Audible or Chirp. Hopefully you enjoy this months books or if you've read any let me now what you thought in the comments below. If you want to see more of the books I've read go here or check out goodreads.

With all that was going on this month I didn't get a chance to finish or read as much as I usually do. 

Happy Reading! 

A Year of Puttery Treats (February chapter)

Author: Alison May | ☆☆☆☆ |Available: Kindle HERE | This book covers each month as chapters and has fun ideas/inspiration for each.  

Welcome to A Year of Puttery Treats. One gorgeous, life-enhancing little something to do for each of the 365 days in the year.

Housekeeping you see, can be terribly dull. A monotonous round of chasing dirt and moving objects that we should seek to enhance with the kind of decorative little to-do’s that gladden the heart and help to bring both order and authenticity in to our homes.

While the treats vary from the pretty to the silly, the fragrant and the celebratory, they are each designed to remind us that keeping house is about more than getting busy with a vacuum and a duster and should instead be about enhancing the lives of those that live in our homes. In reflecting the soul of the Mistress of the house and marking the lives of those she shares it with, puttery treats are quite the most lovely way to ritualise life within our own four walls and more than that to celebrate the art of homemaking and bring joy to domesticity.

In a Year of Puttery treats you will find seasonal tasks and little to-dos for annual holidays and national celebrations. You will discover ways to journal your days and create a living museum of family life. You will find tiny pampering treats and scrubby housekeeping tips, and in the midst of it all, right there in the heart of your home you will find yourself…

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